Academic Achievement for the Academic Session 2016-17


Academic Achievement for the Academic Session 2016-17

Smart Class

Extra Marks smart class with an effective digital content solution, multimedia-rich that has dramatically improved learning outcomes and grooming of tech-savvy citizen of tomorrow


Computer Lab

The school has a computer lab that is designed to meet the child’s information technology needs. High-speed broadband connectivity in school campus acts as a teaching tool to enhance children’s learning and as a planning and assessment tool for teachers.




CCTV enables classrooms for security and monitoring of classes for quality education.


A well-equipped library with a well-selected collection of books, journals periodicals, reference books, story books encyclopedias for developing reading habits as a fundamental resource for supporting student learning, academic and intellectual development for staff & students.


Environmental Education

We Endeavour towards our journey in becoming a waste wise school by focusing on:-

  1. Recycling, Reducing and Re-using
  2. Re-using kitchen wastes in preparing garbage enzyme (A wonder drug with multiple therapeutic properties
  3. Feeding our compost heads with all leftover organic waste.
  4. Regular natural home gardening workshops
  5. Field trip to R.W.A of different societies for educating and bringing awareness about organic bottle farming, terrace farming techniques and making of garbage enzyme using home and kitchen wastes.

Science Exhibition

The annual science fair was held on 24th Dec 2016 in which projects based on recycled materials made by our little scientists and environmentalists were displayed and judged by our Chief guest MrsSeemaKhurana, Headmistress of The Khaitan School, Noida.


Saraswati Puja Every Friday in School

Sarawati& Guru Puja is held every Friday in school for the students and faculty to seek the blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, art & culture to have a successful academic growth.

Community Service

Connecting with the community & becoming contributing citizens.

  1. HDFC Bank

Our Students of class 1st, 2nd& 3rd enthusiastically and joyfully served the citizens waiting in queries nearby HDFC bank by serving refreshment like biscuits & juice. This seva has made the students feel happier, responsible, helped them to develop skills such as communication, teamwork, focusing on other’s needs & Problem instead of their own


  1. Field trip to Old Age Home( AnandNiketanVirdhSewashram)

In our quest to impart value education, sharing, caring SSRVM students visited the old age home in Sec 55, Noida. Our students indulged in entertaining the elderly and bringing smiles on their faces


Regular Free Sanskrit Workshops

By professors from ‘Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan’ key Learning from workshop

Benefits of spoken Sanskrit

Better understanding of Indian history through learning Sanskrit.

Influence of Sanskrit on various international languages


Academic activities held during the period

April 2016 till Dec 2016


Joyful Learning:-

Creative Moods Little Chef Magic With Hands
Smiley making activity Kitchen & utensils Leaf impression
Rabbit, Prince, Princess Crown Making Concept about chef & water Fruits-apple, grapes, Pineapple, Mango
Thumb & Palm printing Veggies salad making Vegetables-carrot, pumpkin, radish
Tear and Pasting Chatpatta sprout making Different Shapes- Square, triangle, rectangle
Spray & Blow painting Fruit salad making Animal- octopus, rat, rabbit, cat, ladybug, tortoise, peacock
Bookmark making Different raitas Flower – Roses, Sunflower
Scare & Cardmaking on Baisakhi Charanamrit Jewelry box
Mukut, bansuri&Krishna crown making on Janmasthami Summer drinks like jaljeera, lemonade, buttermilk, aampaana, panayam& ice tea Tricolor Flag
Rakhi making Different snacks Pen Stand
Ravana mask making Sandwich making Globe making
Kalesh&diya making Chocalateidli making Hut, House
Paper rose and Nehru cap making on Chacha’s Nehru B’day Potatoes Peanut chaat Pot Making
Toran Making Jam roll Diya making
Rangoli making Sandwich biscuit Paperweight
Santa clause making with origami  & velvet paper Dose butter
Reindres, stockings, gift wrapping, bells, making on X’ Mas Coconut ladoo
Paint a fall leaf Cake making


Magical Learning Garden Wonder All Around Us
Gravity Community helper- gardener Things we see during the day and night
Sink & Float Gardening tools



Pipe, Water can

Living & Non-living things.
Water Candle What a plant needs to grow Weather / Seasons
Volcano Seeds germination Community helpers
Osmosis in potatoes Parts of a plant Measure It




Milk & Soap Compost & Compost pit Tree of life

(collecting things we get from plants like a pencil, rice, wheat, cotton, medicines etc.

Balloon inflation Organic gardening Pepper weights/ stone
Magnets & Magnetism Salad leaves Paint a fall leaf on a table cloth
Pepper & Soap Seasonal Veggies Bird nest & eggs bird feather preening
Kaleidoscope Plants with medicinal values (Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Brahmi, Bhrinraj)
Fire & Water Balloon Indoor & Outdoor plants
Potato & Straw Indoor & Outdoor plants `
Lava in a cup Ornamental plants
All uphill Chipko  movement
Dancing raisins Rain water harvesting
Orange & Shape, size, texture of papaya, guava &pomegranate leaves
Extraction from cereals
Coca & Milk Experiment
Oxidation in cut fruit
Miscible & immiscible liquids
Moong Dal Sprout Making


Vocal Music

Vocal music classes by highly experienced and renowned  Hindustani Classical trainer from the Gwalior and Kiranagharanas.Semiclassical rendering also included.



Kooh Sports

Associated with kids out of home company which provide kid-fit program in our school


Encourages physical fitness

Enhances gross motor skill, eye-hand coordination body balance

Team building games


Track and field events

Different Races for kids

Sports day

An upcoming event which will be held on 26th Jan 2017 which will include the following

  • Flag Hoisting
  • March Past
  • Class wise Races
  • Aerobics
  • Peppy dance drill
  • Energizing exercise drill

Field trip held during the period April 2016- Dec2016

  • Iskon Temple
  • Post Office
  • Bank, ATM
  • Goshala
  • Baker’s Studio and sweet shop
  • Gurudwara
  • Safal& Mother Dairy
  • R, W.A Visit
  • Old Age Home


  1. POST OFFICE(23rd April 2016)
  • Visited post office in sector-19, NOIDA.
  • Students were explained the working of a ‘Post Office’ and shown samples of postcard and stamps.
  1. R.W.A. OFFICE (July month 2016 )
  • Field trip to R.W.A. office of different sectors, in the month of July to, demonstrate and bring awareness about bottle gardening and terrace- farming techniques to residents.
  • EDUCATIONAL TRIP(26th July 2016)
  • Educational trip to nearby shops like pharmacy, grocery, salon, sweet shop to reinforce the concept of ‘My neighborhood’.
  • Field trip to mother Dairy and Safal on 10th August 2016 to demonstrate dairy products and to reinforce the concept of fruits and vegetables.
  1. ISKON TEMPLE (23rd August 2016)
  • Field trip to ISKON Temple on 23rd August 2016 in the birth month of ‘Lord Krishna’. The students recited ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama’ with devotion and were amazed to see the beautifully decorated deities of Lord Krishna and Radhaji.


Theme based assembly

  • Classification of animals
  • Different Seasons
  • Sea of animals
  • Means of Transport
  • Community Helpers
  • Mode of Communication
  • Plants around us
  • Health and hygiene


Mango mania week (July)

Inter and intraclass competition of

Making & displaying of different mango delights

Demonstration of different varieties of mangoes.

Mango puppets, stickers and crown-making

English and Hindi rhymes on “king of the fruits” and “Phooloka raja Aam”


Drawing and coloring competition

Inter and intraclass competition drawing coloring competitions on various topics like nature scenery aquarium, winter season, rainy season, day & night etc.

Rakhi making competition on “Rakshabandhan”

Pop up card making with vegetable printing on Diwali

Clay competition Making of Ganesha idol on Ganesh chaturthi& Krishna Idol Krishna Janmashtami

English and Hindi poem recitation competition were held for Class 1st, 2nd& 3rd



Poster making competition on “Save water”

Winter food festival competition

Salad making competition

Various Competitions held from the period April 2016-Dec 2016

Hindi and English Rhyme recitation competition

Inter and intra class competition are held every month in all classes where children participate with a lot of zeal & enthusiasm and enjoy thoughts, feelings, a beauty of expressions, rhyme, rhythm & music of words.

  • The stellar reciters are awarded certificates
  • Parameters for judgment:-
  • Confidence, presentation, speech clarity, expressions & voice modulator

Hindi & English Storytelling & Show & Tell Competition

Inter and intra class competitions

Moral based short inspirational stories

Invoke the imagination, enhances the speaking skills, boost self-confidence, give wings to the expression power and inculcate the habit of reading books.


  1. WORLD HEALTH DAY (7th April 2016)
  • A basic 6 steps of hand wash technique was demonstrated to celebrate World Health Day on 7th April 2016.
  • A special talk with an illustrative presentation on the importance of balanced diet, outdoor games, yoga, and meditation for healthy body and mind.


  1. BAISAKHI AND YELLOW DAY (12TH April 2016)
  • Baisakhi and Yellow day was celebrated on 12th April 2016 to mark the occasion.
  • Different activities were held like corn making, scarecrow making, thumb printing and tearing and pasting.



  • EARTH DAY AND GREEN DAY (22nd April 2016)

Earth day was celebrated with a myriad of educational and fun activities which included:

  • Ecco week
  • Importance of 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Seed germination activity
  • Green leafy and veggie salad making
  • Globe-making and leaf impression in pottery
  • Litter picking activity



  1. INDEPENDENCE DAY (15TH August 2016)

The 70th Independence day was celebrated in school with great patriotic ferrous and gaiety on 15th August 2016. the highlights of the event included

  • Tricolor flag hoisting
  • March past followed by National Anthem
  • Tabulate of ‘Dandi March’ and ‘Gandhijike teen Bandar’
  • A patriotic skit representing ‘unity in diversity’
  • Dance on patriotic songs like ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘de di hameinazadi’




Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in school with full enthusiasm on 20th August 2016.

  • A special assembly was conducted in which students were appraised about the importance of Raksha Bandhan through skit, rhymes, action songs, dance, etc.
  • Rakhi making competition was organized.


  • Janmashtami was celebrated in in school with great prompt and show.
  • They made and wore (mukut) head gears and decorated matkas and flutes.
  • A jhanki depicting the stages of life of Lord Krishna was displayed.


  • A special assembly was conducted where students sang beautiful GaneshaBhajans.
  • The story depicting Lord Ganesha’s life was presented through audio-visual aid.
  • The children made Ganesha idol using clay, leaf, and plastic disposable cups.
  • GANDHI JAYANTI CELEBRATION (30th September 2016 )
  • The memorable day of Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in the school on 30th September 2016 with great zeal, enthusiasm, and patriotism.
  • Little students came dressed up as Gandhiji, sang devotional songs of Bapuji ‘RaghupatiRaghav Raja Ram’, slogans and poems.
  • A documentary based on Gandhiji was also screened to inspire children to adopt Gandhian virtues of non-violence, love, peace, and compassion.


  1. DUSSEHRA CELEBRATION (7TH October 2016)
  • A special assembly was conducted to signify the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness and happiness gloom.
  • The story of maadurga and mahishasur was shown using audio-visual aid.
  • The skit on ‘Ramayan’ was enacted by students.


  1. CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION (10TH November 2016)

Children’s Day was celebrated on 10th November 2016 with great fun and frolic.

  • A special assembly was conducted consisting of cultural items organized by teachers. So the day had the theme ‘with love’- from teachers to students.
  • Students were encouraged to dream big, to follow the ideas PanditNehru.




Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir organized a sizzling summer carnival on 26 June to provide an opportunity for fun and frolic.  The carnival was packed with a large variety of amusement.

The proceedings of the day began in the fancy dress competition on the theme “Panchatantra” and talent show organized in different categories.

There were many stalls of different fun games, joy rides, branded food stalls, mango delights, magic show, puppet show, potter’s wheel, photo booth and fun and knowledge park which included different corners such as creative expression, magical learning, little chef, zoom into the story world etc.  The fun pool and the rain dance splashed the water of joy everywhere.

BABY SHOW (2016-17) 10th September 2016

The most magical and fun-filled baby show was organized on 10th September with a myriad of activities for the tiny tots and parents too.

The highlights of the event were as follows:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Photo shoot and capturing the golden moments.
  3. Ask the expert and know your child workshop
  4. Baby hand and footprints in clay moulds
  5. Crown making
  6. Health talk by pediatrics expert from Max Hospital on the topic “holistic development of the child”
  7. Talent hunt
  8. Appreciating the babies


DIWALI MELA (27th October 2016)

The Diwali Mela was organized at S.S.R.V.M on 27th October 2016 with great fun and frolic.

The S.S.R.V.M campus was lightened by diyas, candles, and lanterns which added the charm and religious fervour.

The major attraction of the event were rides, games, competitions (Diya and mask making), Diwali Bazaar, homemade sweets, branded stalls, Diwali gifts, nail art, hair braiding, tattoo art, handicrafts, magic show, star and student performances, live DJ, tambola, lucky draw and many more.



A month-long summer workshop was organized by S.S.R.V.M from 16th May till 21st June 2016 where plethora of activities were conducted:

  1. Yoga and warm up exercises
  2. Kid –fit
  3. Creative moods and origami
  4. Dance
  5. Little chef (cooking without fire)
  6. Science experiment
  7. Show and tell
  8. Zoom into the story world
  9. Best out of waste
  10. Pottery

In the end, the finale of the summer workshop was conducted on 21st June 2016 where students work displayed and mesmerizing cultural performances which they learnt in summer workshop.


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