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Some pics of joyful learning

We take care that our students learn the latest aspects of modern education and also inculcate the strength of our culture and values.
Joyful Education

Summer Workshop

Summer Workshop is an opportunity for your kids to be truly useful and nurture their innate compassion for life, Three aspects of a child’s personality should be groomed during the vacation ie Discipline, Enthusiasm, Compassion.

Diwali Mela 2017-18

The Diwali Mela was organized at SSRVM on 14th Oct 2017 with great fun and frolic. The Campus was lightened by diya, candles and religious fervor. The major attractions of the event were Rides for Children, Games, Competition (Diya and Mask Making) Diwali Bazaar, Homemade sweets, Branded food stalls, Diwali gifts, Tattoo art, Handicraft, Magic show , Cultural Performances School Students and Academy of Performing Arts (ALAAP), Tambola, Bumper draw and many more. Added to all the fun and zeal was the social cause, a platform for NGO's and budding entrepreneurs to exhibit their work and product. Our tiny tots of playgroup and pre nursery performed action rhyme on “Aayee Diwali". The toddlers of K.G. gave the beautiful message on "Green Diwali" and ill effects of crackers by their mesmerizing performance. The students performed a Theatrical Skit on our Pious Scripture "Ramayan" which was the main attraction of the programme. Everyone went home carrying the message of love, peace and joy. School Curriculum offers a solid foundation for children’s future growthby shaping their personality in the right direction. The academic curriculum is offered in such a stress free and joyful manner that the child looks forward going to school every day. The overall ambience of SSRVM is a true example of organised, well maintained, cheerful spaces with an element of nurturing and touching every aspect of a holistic, value based education system The school is equipped with: • Innovative educational equipment and toys, day care facilities. • Specialized and Innovative classroom programs for Toddlers.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is celebrated in SSRVM Noida on 10th October,20 on virtual platform . Almost 65 participants joined and enjoyed alot. Lot of appreciation we got from Parents.

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